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Established in 2004

A short video about Action ASP Hosting

A little bit ahead of its time, Action ASP started delivering  Cloud Services and Managed IT back in 2004.  Back then, ASP's or "Application Service Providers" were just getting started.  The term Cloud Computing was later introduced by Google (August 2006)
Today, we make IT simple by using "Best of Breed" IT products, paired with world class service. 
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More about our Strengths:

  • Enterprise Network engineers will be overseeing your network from now on.
  • Server and system monitors will automatically alert our support team when there’s a problem or outage.  Often times, the issue can be resolved before it impacts production.
  • Our entire IT staff is at, or above senior engineer qualifications. We know what we’re doing!
  • Fast, professional responses ALWAYS!
  • available 24x7 for emergency support – someone is always available
  • We’ll learn about your business and how to help you be successful.
  • We recommend/provide Best of Breed products that will minimize downtime and keep your workers working.
  • We run our own hosting business – this allows us to offer a wide range of additional products and options that others can’t match. We are Cloud Experts!
  • We take a secure stance – We believe that security is paramount and always recommend the secure option.
  • We’ll fix 100% of your issues 100% of the time. We never leave open issues.
  • We give free advice / recommendations
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuance – We can provide backup solutions that can keep your business running even in the event of a complete facility loss (fire, earthquake, etc).
  • Wireless expertise – we have multiple environments that support thousands of simultaneous users.
  • We partner with key vendors like Microsoft, Dell and Cisco giving us access to priority support when necessary.